Harness the power of Empyrean securely without putting stress on internal IT departments.

Empyrean Cloud™ is a managed deployment of the Empyrean solution, delivered entirely on Microsoft Azure infrastructure. Managed entirely by Empyrean. It’s a reliable and cost effective way to deploy, requiring zero internal resources.

Eliminate the hassle and headache of deploying software

End Reliance on Internal IT

Zero hardware and/or software required for purchase by you. Zero ongoing maintenance and administration required by you. No waiting in the queue to deploy or upgrade your environment.

Trusted & Secure

Have the utmost confidence in Empyrean Cloud™ as it’s managed entirely on Microsoft Azure infrastructure, one of the most trusted and secure cloud providers on the globe.
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Predictable Cost

As the developers of the actual software, Empyrean can deploy and maintain the solution more efficiently and at a lower deployment cost than the intercompany charges produced from an internal deployment.

Highly Scalable

As your institution and/or simulation needs grow and evolve, additional computing power can be added simply by picking up the phone.

On-Demand Upgrades

Upgrades to Empyrean performed on request. All other hardware and software will be upgraded as needed. You will no longer be anchored to outdated hardware or software due to the challenges of coordinating upgrades internally.

24/7 Accessibility

Access Empyrean 24/7, with business continuity and disaster recovery processes powering a 99% up-time commitment.

3rd Party Security Testing

Annual penetration and vulnerability tests with immediate remediation of critical issues ensures access to the environment is secure.

Security aligned with industry best-practices

Empyrean Cloud™ follows industry best-practices when it comes to securing your connection and data, both in-transit and at-rest. The Empyrean Cloud™ environment is constantly monitored to ensure your connectivity to the software and the protection of your data.