CECL Calculator

Transitioning to the new CECL accounting standard brings with it a host of challenges. For one, accounting and credit groups are not accustomed to the modeling and forecasting techniques required by CECL that are routinely used by balance sheet managers today. With the CECL process often owned by accounting and/or credit, it becomes difficult to maintain consistency with the assumptions and systems used in alternative forecasting arenas. In addition, balance sheet managers require estimating CECL in their forecasting and simulation processes to assess its impact on balance sheet strategy.

Sophisticated calculation engine

Empyrean contains a calculation engine aligned with the idiosyncrasies of CECL (ie. allows for multiple credit models for “reasonable & supportable” period and tail period) able to export info into any external system and/or process.

Cash Flow and modeling consistency

Let Empyrean be the single calculation engine for all instruments/portfolios where consistency in modeling of behaviors and assumptions is critical.

Bring CECL into the forecast

Empyrean enables you to define your CECL methodologies within the model for use in the balance sheet management processes, even though the formal CECL calculation may be done elsewhere. In addition, you can leverage Empyrean as a challenger model to validate your production CECL calculations.