Invaluable Insight into Your Products and Customers

Understanding your customers behaviors is the key to managing risk effectively while maintaining profitability and performance and successfully attracting and retaining the right customers in competitive markets. Your customer’s behaviors are the most critical assumptions driving your risk and performance measurement processes. Maintaining the accuracy of those assumptions is critical, as even small adjustments could have a dramatic effect on the profile of your institution. The best assumptions – both in practice and as required by the regulators – are those based on the individual institution’s experience – their customers, their markets, their business practices.

  • Deposit Study

    A continually updated, transparent and defensible approach for producing the most impactful assumptions (deposit rate betas, decay rates and balance volatility) on interest rate and liquidity risk. Produced by leveraging the most reliable informational source possible…..your institution’s own data.

  • Prepayment Study

    A continually updated, transparent and defensible approach for producing appropriate prepayment speeds for each institution for all of their lending portfolios. Produced by layering on behavioral analytics to years worth of historical portfolio data, all from the most reliable source possible…your institution’s own data.

  • Portfolio Insights

    A curated report package illustrating the past and upcoming dynamics of the lending and deposit portfolios, allowing you to answer the critical questions driving profitability:

    • How do the portfolios look today across products, lines of business, branch, officer, etc… and how have they trended over time?
    • How profitable are the various business lines, officers, branches, products, segments, etc…today and how has profitability trended over time?
    • What is happening to the balance sheet, each month, and on an on-going basis trending over time?
    • Who is producing what? Where? At what rate? On what terms?
    • Where do I gather the critical assumptions for new business pricing, product terms and portfolio allocation necessary for accurate balance sheet planning?